Industries That Use Voice Overs


Whether it's broadcast on the radio or on television, nearly every advertisement is accompanied by a voice-over. Given the short time with which they have to work, advertising voice-over artists must be able to speak quickly and with clarity. Demographics of advertising vocal professionals vary depending on the industry for which they are advertising; but in general, young females advertise beauty and skincare products, young males advertise the latest tech and males and females over 40 advertise healthcare products and medications.


Voice over talent is essential to the success of the entertainment industry. This industry encompasses television, film and radio and is the major driver of pop culture. The ideal voice for the entertainment industry is booming, charismatic and most important of all, engaging.


In the field of healthcare, voice-overs are often needed for instructional videos. These videos may be aimed at staff members or patients, but in both circumstances the professional providing the voice-over must possess a relaxed and calming voice. Females with voices in the slightly higher registers are generally preferred for the recording of healthcare videos.

Public Sector

Public sector employees provide services related to childhood education, environmental protection, public safety and more. Voice overs related to this sector may include public service announcements, website tutorials and podcasts. Vocal professionals recording for public entities often look much like the typical public sector employee: middle-aged and middle-class.