What Jobs Pay?

List of Jobs and Job Descriptions That Pay

An important part of deciding upon the best career to pursue is knowing the typical pay for jobs offered in each industry. We might find that we have a talent or a kind of work we really love, but it is little good to expend our efforts in the area if we will not be able to make a decent living from it.

Pay for Celebrities

We are all familiar with the salaries of top movie stars that reach into the millions, but there are other jobs in the performing arts industry that can offer a good living if not a lavish one. Voice over jobs for actors that voice cartoon characters and commercials are jobs in this performing arts industry that can afford laborers a decent standard of living. There is voice talent needed around the country to provide various services for corporations and individuals, and you do not have to provide the voice for a famous character like Mickey Mouse or Batman to earn your place.

Pay for Working Voice Actors

The pay for voice actors varies depending on the kind of work that is done and what kind of royalties, if any, are earned from voice-related services. Nationally-broadcast jingles, for example, can be very high paying, especially if they run for years. Some voice actors who have done several of these may never get the kind of fame that comes with starring in a multi-million dollar Hollywood film, but they can earn well into the six figures if the advertising campaign was successful enough. Rates for funny voicemails and other similar recordings can be considerably less, maybe only $100-250 or so per recording for an individual or into the tens of thousands for a large corporation.

Pay for On-Air Voice Talents

These jobs are all around the country in every city and in every good-sized town. The radio waves are abuzz with on-air voice talents hosting radio shows, playing side-kicks to the host, reporting the news, weather, sports and commentary on the community and world events and even doing commercials and radio ads. The possibilities in this part of the voice industry are countless.

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