Hiring a Podcasting Voice Talent

Finding Professional Podcasters On The Internet

If producing your own podcast seems like a daunting task, there are professionals who work from their own recording studios who are eager to help you succeed.

Finding Help on the Internet

Here are some sources to make your podcasting life easier

Your best choice is right here at Voices.com. We will help you to find a voice for your podcast if you don't want to record your own or are looking for an announcer, also known as an imaging voice, to introduce and help brand your show.

The Voice Over Marketplace

Voices.com is a site that connects voice talent and clients. As a true marketplace, they do not take commissions from their customers, differentiating themselves from the traditional agency model.

Voices.com offers a wide range of voice-over talent that clients can search through and a job posting service to receive proposals, demos and quotes. Clients are drawn to Voices.com because they can listen to voice samples quickly and access a generous database of talent to meet their voice-over needs.

The Voices.com organization provides service and support to both clients and voice talent with online help sections, and answers queries by both telephone and email. Voices.com is a reputable, transparent organization with clear, focused goals and open business practices. Explore the site and the opportunities available to you to make an informed decision and read testimonials from both voice talent and clients that have used their site


For busy marketers and business owners, you should consider outsourcing your podcasting project.

Outsourcing elements of a podcast can be exciting and fulfilling. One major element to outsource is the voice-over or narration of the podcast. Finding a professional voice-over talent at Voices.com is a fast and cost-effective activity, often with financial savings of 80% and delivery of finished work within 24 hours.

When posting a voice-over job, include all details relevant to the podcast such as the desired voice type, show content, mood and or theme and whether or not music is required. Also include any portion of the script and any other notes that should be made known prior to recording.

Auditions will be submitted within minutes and a talent selected in less than an hour. Because these talent are freelance and work from their own home studios, costs will be lower and turnaround will be faster than working through a traditional agency.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, most recordings can be delivered within 24 hours of the employer's official go ahead with the final script and requirements.

If a written script is needed, voice talents can write content as an additional service. A voice talent can usually also assist with music to be used in the podcast.

Online Job Posting Services

Need Help? Here's how the Voices.com Service Works. Our online marketplace, connecting you directly with podcast producers. If you want to create a podcast and need some help, begin by signing-up. Next, post a job outline of what you would like your podcast to sound like. Then, you will receive auditions from multiple voice-over talents. Listen to their samples and compare price quotes. Finally, pick the right voice for your podcast and award them the job.

  1. Create your Podcast project by outlining what type of voice you are looking for.
  2. Receive answers from a variety of voice talents with MP3 demos and price quotes.
  3. Listen to their demos online, then contact the voice talents directly.
  4. Award your Podcast project to the best voice talent for the job.
  5. Receive a broadcast-quality finished Podcast and pay the talent directly. Voices.com takes no commission fee.

Local Recording Studios

In this section, we will be looking at how to build a relationship with a local recording studio. You can with a studio to have them record and engineer your podcast.

If you do not have the means of investing in your own recording equipment at this time it is best to develop a business relationship with a local recording studio. You can find recording studios by looking them up in your phone book or yellow pages.

Questions to Ask a Recording Studio

This is what you should ask a recording studio before your first session

Call at least three studios and be sure to ask all the questions you need to, in order to feel confident with your new partners.

  • What is your hourly studio rates?
  • What kind of vocal microphone do you have?
  • Do you have a royalty-free music library?
  • Do you have a sound effects library?
  • Do you have script to make a voice over demo?
  • Can you deliver finished work for me?
  • Do you have an ISDN connection?
  • How do you require payment?
  • Do you accept cash and credit card?
  • How much notice do you need to book my session?
  • Do you have any studio rules?
  • Are you open on evenings and weekends?
  • What is your cancellation policy?

Attending Your First Session

Here's how to prepare before going to the studio.

Before you book for your first session be sure to rehearse your scripts in advance. Being prepared will save you time in the studio and money while affirming your professionalism.

When you arrive at the studio for the first time, be sure to properly introduce yourself. Building a good business relationship starts as soon as you make your first contact. Building a relationship with a local studio is a must if you don't have your own home studio. Ask for a 10% discount on all studio sessions, agreeing that you will work exclusively with them for the next year. Be prepared to put something in writing if you opt for this exclusive arrangement.

Summary - Key points about getting help for your podcast

Qualified professionals can be found on the Internet using Voices.com or VoiceOverTimes.com.

Local recording studios can provide all the equipment and expertise to produce a broadcast-ready podcast. At the end of the recording session at a studio, you will leave with your podcast complete and ready to share on the Internet.

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