Make Money Podcasting

Generating Income From Your Podcast

Light bulb with money inside Podcasting is a business, and if your content is unique and useful, listeners will convert from leads to customers.

Create Valuable Content

Is it your intention to make money from your podcast? It is possible, and we are going to show you how by providing you with tools and ideas that will help to you to create revenue streams to grow your podcast and podcasting business. Some of the key ways to create revenue streams are: receiving micropayments, selling valuable products or services that are an extension of your podcast, and gaining advertisers. Creating a brand, reaching loyal listeners, and producing great content will attract advertisers and generate an income from your audience.

Micropayments - Accepting Small Payments From Your Listeners

Micropayments, a pay-per-listen model, requires users to pay for content each time that they want to download your podcast. Receiving micropayments is the most common revenue generator for podcasters. In asking for a micropayment, you are validating that the content within your podcast is worth what you are charging, particularly if your podcast is educational, provides insider information that you have written, and is unique to other content available on the web.

Here are a few companies that will help you to accept micropayments for your content.

PayPal - Accepting Micropayments with PayPal

PayPal is an online intermediary that accepts customer payments on your behalf, then deposits the payments into your personal or business bank account.

PayPal allows you to accept all major forms of payment. You get features comparable to merchant accounts and gateways at a lower cost. Accept credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and more. A simple integration into your shopping cart allows your customers to pay securely and easily.

PayPal is affordable for businesses of all sizes. Fees are applied only when you accept a payment - if you don't receive money, you don't pay a penny.

  • No monthly fees
  • No setup fees
  • No gateway fees
  • Anti-fraud systems at no extra cost

This is an easy, quick way to start accepting credit cards online. Add PayPal if you already accept credit cards online, and connect with PayPal's 78 million accounts.

PayPal's fees at time of writing are as follow:

  • Monthly Sales Volume = $0.00 CAD-$3,000.00 CAD
  • PayPal Fees per transaction 3.9% + $0.30 USD

Amazon's Honor System

Did you know that you can accept micropayments with Amazon?

Web sites use the Amazon Honor System to collect voluntary payments from their users and to accept payment for digital content. In many cases, the Honor System is the only way a Web site can economically collect small payments. In others, the Honor System allows the Web site to raise money for continued operations without resorting to intrusive banner advertisements.

Advertising - Open Your Podcast Up To Advertisers

Since your podcast covers a specific topic, it is likely that your audience consists of individuals with a heightened level of interest in the subject matter that you are discussing. When good content and a large audience for that content is combined, the opportunity for generating revenue from your podcast through corporate advertising will arise. If you can grow your audience and show that you have X many listeners, and X many subscribers, you can then approach companies and present a brief proposal about how you can advertise their company's products and services on your podcast.

Advertising for Niche Markets

Find merchants who want to be a part of your podcast.

When looking for niche market advertisers, review the theme and concept of your podcast. What is it that you are knowledgeable about and what do you promote on your show? Are there any related fields that you could endorse? For instance, if you are a doctor with a health show, you might consider finding advertisers from the pharmaceutical industry and promote a pain reliever such as Tylenol or a natural remedy such as Lakota.

Advertising in Geographical Areas

Focus on one area and target local companies.

Advertising works well not only for niche markets but also for podcasts that promote a specific geographical region such as Yellowstone National Park. There may be a camping equipment supply company wanting to reach that audience. With your podcast, you are now providing a means to reach their target market.

Summary - Key points about making money podcasting

It is possible to generate income from your podcast. After you have conducted an evaluation of your podcast, you will have the necessary tools at your disposal to present to potential advertisers. Try a number of different ideas from this chapter and see which method proves most successful and financially viable for your advertisers.

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