Car Commercial Scripts


Car Commercial Scripts

Promote what's new, highlight what needs to go, and motivate customers to drive a car right off the lot with these automotive commercial scripts.

Valley View Automotive

Item Description
Gender Male or Female
Length :30
Target Demographic Men between twenty and forty years of age
Character / Narrator Announcer
Vocal Direction Hard sell, anticipation, authoritative, thrilling
Suggested Music Hard hitting, classic rock, electric guitars reeling
Suggested Sound Effects Pedal to the metal, race track, bells

Are you ready for this? Valley View Automotive's got all of the hottest SUVs you've been looking for! This week only, enjoy a test drive and the opportunity to drive one of these powerful vehicles off the lot for half the price! Yes, half the price! Nows the time to get yourself to Valley View, by car, on foot, or even by air to take advantage of this outrageous sale - you'd better get here quickly, ‘cause this promotion is only going on for 24 hours and the automobiles are leaving the lot faster than you can say 4 wheel drive! Valley View Automotive, SUVs you can depend on.