Telephone Voice-Over

Telephone Voice-Overs

Telephone voice-overs are a necessity in nearly every industry, but are especially essential for any company requiring a large customer service division. When customers call a given company's line to ask for help or leave a comment or complaint, they expect courteous treatment from a customer service representative. With more and more companies choosing to design elaborate phone trees to help customers navigate their phone system to direct their call, voice-over has become an even greater need to keep callers engaged and minimize potential frustration. Turning waiting time into selling time is advantageous to a company and far more preferable to someone waiting than dead air or elevator music. This is where a well-crafted voice-over and capable voice talent comes in. The voice-over script can cover recent developments at the business in question, provide useful information, entertain or simply remind the customer that he or she will be attended to shortly.

Telephone Voice-Over Talent

Telephone Voice-Overs

A talented voice-over artist understands how to tread that fine line between being comforting and authoritative. Additionally, the professional needs to instantly switch tones depending on which portion of the telephone voice-over is being recorded. Instructions explaining which key to hit and when must be kept as concise as possible. On the other hand, marketing messages presented while the customer is on hold are best presented in a conversational tone.

A wide array of demographics can be utilized in the hunt for the ideal voice-over artist, but in the end, the best choice will involve an accent that can be understood by the greatest share of customers. For businesses with a local base of operation, this may require finding a voice capable of speaking in the dialect of the area. National and international companies are better suited to what is known as the standard American accent, however, languages, dialects and even accents can be localized if need be. The most important thing is that the voice-over must be easy to understand for customers and clients of all fluency levels.


Presenting an acceptable tone of voice at the appropriate time requires versatility on the part of the vocal artist. For this reason, it's important to hire a professional who is able to interpet a script with sensitivity and objectivity. You can accomplish just that at, where you are given access to a huge pool of talent. Check out the Top 100 list for some of the best voice artists the site has to offer. also provides a wealth of resources for those who are new to the voice-over industry. You can learn all about locating and hiring the perfect vocal professional while checking out the many podcasts, blog posts and webinars. Those looking to improve their telephone systems find the Telephone System Kit particularly helpful. This eBook explains how an annoying on-hold experience can be turned into the ideal marketing solution.

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