Mastering The Audition

Mastering the Voice-Over Audition: Ease Try-Out Jitters with Help from

Mastering The Audition

Whether you're new to voice-overs or a veteran, the audition process is bound to evoke a case of the jitters. After all, a lot of weight falls on the voice-over audition process. While resumes and references are nice supplements, it's during the audition that a vocal actor really shows what he or she is made of.

The Mastering the Audition webinar is full of voice-over audition tips. Vocal expert Stephanie Ciccarelli is your guide in this journey towards Grade-A audition performances. Stephanie will teach you important skills necessary to clinch the ultimate gig, including tips for warming up your voice and a step-by-step guide to the audition recording process.

The market for voice-over jobs remains competitive. The more you know, the better prepared you'll be when voice-over casting calls roll around. During Mastering the Audition, you'll learn more about the top industries seeking vocal talent from, as well as ways in which actors can target their voice-over auditions to better fit the current trends in those industries.

Finally, when you listen to Mastering the Audition, you'll have access to excellent advice from actual clients. Examples of client tips include always following client instructions and sticking to auditioning for jobs that the vocal artist is actually capable of completing.

Take a little time to watch the Mastering the Audition webinar from — your voice-over career is worth it.

  • Learn how to be your own agent
  • Hear about what real clients want
  • Find out what to include in your auditions

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