Internet Video

One Net Marketing for Job #286812 Animated explainer video

Jillian was an absolute delight to work with. After a long client delay, she was still so professional with a super fast turn around taking and listening to notes and feedback. I would absolutely work with her again. A true rock star.

Jul 6, 2018

Internet Video

Brad Chmielewski for Job #289745 Cresset Advisor Portal

Jun 26, 2018


James Drake Films for Job #282331 Corken + Company 30 Dev

Great to work with, fast, professional

Apr 20, 2018

Internet Video (Kyle Holder) for Job #277097 Voices - Online video


Apr 9, 2018

Internet Video for Job #237996 Voices - Business Internet Video

Apr 4, 2018

Internet Video

James Drake Films for Job #278874 Corken + Company Commercial

Great to work with, fast and a good talent!

Mar 30, 2018


Zach Yonek Productions for Job #274919 Family Health Services

Feb 28, 2018


Blend for Job #273615 Community Foundation 45 Years

Jillian was easy to work with and supplied a quick turnaround!

Feb 23, 2018


VIVIDO Inc. for Job #271330 Voice over for educational Kids Application

Feb 22, 2018

Business (Rob Mundy) for Job #271598 Voices - Natrol - "Karen Role"

Excellent work!!!

Feb 20, 2018

Business for Job #270516 - Your Voice Requested!

Thank you Jillian for your excellent reads, offering several variations on the lines, and, taking the time to write out all that you did.
It meant a lot to all parties involved and I look forward to working with you again!

Feb 12, 2018

Internet Video

Sparkhouse for Job #270134 California Choice Roadmap Voice Over

Amazing to work with! All of Jillian's work is very fast turnaround and high quality.

Jan 25, 2018

Documentaries (Sam Park) for Job #262907 VOICES - Peterson House Documentary - Clara Harris

Jan 17, 2018

Internet Video (Sean Mancuso) for Job #263944 Voices: English Female - Web VO


Jan 16, 2018


Davis & Company for Job #263706 Training video 2

It has been a pleasure working with Jillian Jones, we hope to work with her again in the future.

Jan 9, 2018


Davis & Company for Job #260146 Training video

Jillian Jones is Wonderful to work with.

Jan 9, 2018


Jackman Studios for Job #263599 BAD ADVICE_Mom

Jillian was a total pro! I loved working with her. She made the whole process so easy. 5+++ stars!

Dec 20, 2017


RetailMeNot Inc for Job #264176 Shop on the Desktop

Dec 13, 2017

Business (Jordan Freeman) for Job #260726 Voices - 2 Brainshark Sales Product Videos

Excellent work!!

Dec 12, 2017

Internet Video (Ian Callander) for Job #263242 - TMC - Testimonial Reads

Fantastic job Jillian!

Dec 8, 2017

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