Internet Video (Sean Mancuso) for Job #343574 Your Voice Requested! Internet Video

Great work! Thank you!!

Jul 12, 2019


B2B Contact for Job #342418 Video 9

Jun 19, 2019

Internet Video

Ben Lum Creative for Job #331912 Shearforce Video

They were pumped! Thanks Rob

Jun 4, 2019


Mark Susan for Job #338488 How to spray stuff all over the place, step-by-step

If Rob has a voice that you're considering... stop. Stop considering. The longer you wait, the longer you miss out on working with Rob. He checks every box that you might be looking for: Agile, consistent, engaging voice: CHECK... Great to work with: CHECK... Quality audio file delivery: CHECK... Can sing the soundtrack to John Wick 3 in falsetto: CHECK!!! Can put down $35 in Taco Bell in 10-min: CHECK!!!!!!! Oops... uhm. Sorry, those last 2 are me, not Rob. My apologies.

May 31, 2019

Television (Jordan Blake) for Job #337010 Private Job Auditions - TV Spot

Great work! Thank you Rob!!

May 29, 2019


B2B Contact for Job #338088 VIDEO 06 - Customer Mapping into the Lifecycle

May 23, 2019

Educational (Ian Callander) for Job #332557 Web Video - STEM Ambassador

Awesome job on this one Rob! Thank you!

May 16, 2019


502 for Job #335290 Convenience Store Alcohol Training Video

May 6, 2019

Internet Video

Brave Dream Media for Job #335399 YBLN Book Promo

Rob was a pleasure to work with!

Apr 29, 2019


Dave Marcello for Job #333644 Soccer club management product intro video (software, sports focused)

Rob was fantastic, especially for the price. Got the work done quickly and accurately. I had one small edit request and he completed it very quickly. Would love to work with him again.

Apr 16, 2019

Internet Video for Job #329479 Internal Internet Video - Male VO: Professional & Conversational

Fantastic to work with!! Would highly recommend working with Rob on your next project! You won't be disappointed with his work ethic or VO!

Apr 16, 2019


Jai Shankar Iyer for Job #332350 Game VO

Great to work with...quick turnaround and very professional!

Apr 11, 2019


502 for Job #328959 Convenience Store Tobacco Training Video

Great to work with! Very quick turnaround and professional work.

Apr 9, 2019


Richard LaRochelle for Job #332518 Earth Day

Apr 8, 2019


Courtney Witter for Job #330368 20 sec ad, Last line options

Apr 1, 2019

Business for Job #329605 RUSH AUDITION/BID - You've been selected for a Private Audition

Great work!!

Apr 1, 2019


Brave Dream Media for Job #329289 Your Best Life Now

Rob has a great tone. Quick and timely response. Will hire again!

Mar 25, 2019

Internet Video

The Union Productions for Job #318250 Shasta College Anthem

Great to work with!

Mar 21, 2019

Internet Video for Job #330055 Introduction video for

A truly excellent talent! Fast and professional! An absolute delight to work with! Thanks Rob for a great job done in 1 take!

Mar 21, 2019

Internet Video

900 Frames LLC for Job #327009 Crest Token

Rob was a pleasure to work with. And really gets voice over work. Not much direction needed at all! Highly recommend.

Mar 13, 2019

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