TPG for Job #333514 Mission Impossible

Tiffany was easy to work with, quick and professional. Would certainly use her again for another project!

Apr 17, 2019


Jeff Johnston for Job #332113 myHR Mary Voice

Apr 12, 2019


DominiGames for Job #325778 EK5 (Il-Lydia)

Mar 7, 2019


Eclectic Translations for Job #327119 Game voiceover - 8 voices per actor

Great fun working, true professional, wonderful voices. Thanks!

Mar 1, 2019

Internet Video for Job #322612 Internet Video - Female VO: "Happy, Positive, & Welcoming"

AMAZING TO WORK WITH! Always provides top-notch professionalism and outstanding VO :)

Feb 19, 2019


Apperson, Inc. for Job #312123 Educational Videos

I am a first time user of and hired Tiffany Grant to provide voices for puppets used in a video. Tiffany was very responsive and provided high quality voice overs for us. I think you'll be very pleased with Tiffany, just as my company has been.

Dec 13, 2018


Frostburn Studios for Job #316665 Pill Popper Flint, the Hardcore Pharmacist

Great job!

Dec 11, 2018

Videogames (Emily Campbell) for Job #303293 Voices- Character- Roky- Age 11-13

Excellent work!

Oct 3, 2018

Internet Video

Colehour and Cohen for Job #305445 ES HPWH

Sep 28, 2018


Woobo Inc. for Job #305362 Character Voice - Young Sweet Loving Voice for a Compassionate Cherub Character

Excellent sound quality, wonderful acting that brought our character to life, and quick turnaround! It was a delight to work with Tiffany!

Sep 25, 2018


Lilith Games for Job #301692 Nemora

Always a pleasure to work with Tiffany, such a pro.

Aug 26, 2018


Frostburn Studios for Job #300566 Deuces Female

Great job!

Aug 21, 2018


Starbreeze Studios for Job #297725 Receptionist

Good instincts for what we needed, nice variations and plenty of takes to choose from. Prompt delivery of the finished files.

Aug 8, 2018


Wildsparq for Job #294340 Endurance Lesson - Task 6: Serve Somebody

Jul 25, 2018


SLANT for Job #294479 Automated Phone Attendant Script for Small Creative Agency

Jul 10, 2018


TSD for Job #288892 Give Feedback That Works

Thank you. Tiffany was very responsive and delivered professional audio clips that reflected exactly the direction given. Excellent work.

Jun 7, 2018


Toya for Job #287379 US- FEMALES GREEN

May 29, 2018


Lilith Games for Job #285869 Nemora - sheepling

Great to work with and very professional.

May 11, 2018

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