Zoho Corporation Pvt Ltd. for Job #310419 A conceptual explainer video for a software Product.

Hey, Barb, thank you for your contribution. Apologies for the delay in releasing the funds. Thank you once again, and we look forward to working with you in the future :)

Nov 8, 2018

Radio for Job #311112 Upbeat, Energetic Female- 2 Radio Spots with Music

Excellent work!!

Oct 31, 2018


TR Productions for Job #305991 Benefits Enrollment: Character actor

Delivered quickly without any issues... Great voicing and good technical sound quality.

Oct 30, 2018


4SP Creative for Job #307100 Opendoor Radio Q4

Barb was a true professional. Working with her was a pleasure and everyone was thrilled with the final product.

Oct 17, 2018


Chrilleks Productions Inc for Job #307934 Credit Union AD

Extremely talented and professional! - Got it first try!!

Oct 15, 2018

Internet Video

Strange Nature Productions LLC for Job #308398 Nature's Answer ~20 Second Commercials VO - Project 2

Always delivers a great product in a timely fashion!! Highly recommend!!

Oct 12, 2018

Internet Video

Strange Nature Productions LLC for Job #305940 Nature's Answer - 20 Second Commercial VO - Project 1

Barb is a great voice actor who delivers quality work in fashionable time. Definitely recommend.

Sep 24, 2018


Phirstfilm Productions GmbH for Job #296733 App-how-to E

Thank you very much for your super job!

(And sorry for our delay...)

Sep 24, 2018

Internet Video

Rising Tide Interactive for Job #304470 Friendly Informative Young/Middle-aged Woman to read digital scripts

Sep 20, 2018

Educational (Ian Callander) for Job #287087 - Online eLearning UNICEF Video (600 wrds)

Wonderfully done Barb!

Aug 17, 2018


Christie Goshe for Job #295976 Welcome to Workforce Analytics

Super super fast, pleasure to work with.

Jul 24, 2018

Internet Video (Laura Beausaert) for Job #285365 - Female Colleague 2 Character w/ Professional Read

Great job Barb!

Jul 23, 2018


180 Marketing for Job #291049 Infographic/Animation

Fantastic to work with, professional talent with quick delivery!

Jun 25, 2018

Business (Laura Beausaert) for Job #286031 - Female VO w/ warm and storyteller read

Great job Barb!

Jun 15, 2018

Internet Video (Laura Beausaert) for Job #281679 - 6 Videos

Stellar job!

Jun 15, 2018

Internet Video (Kyle Holder) for Job #284900 Voices - Online video


Jun 6, 2018


Alorica for Job #287246 Corporate Video about Tech

Barb was exceedingly professional.

May 21, 2018


oneChuck Productions for Job #276867 Flexadin

May 16, 2018

Internet Video

Jackman Studios for Job #284502 FUN LOCAL CAR WEB ADS_Mother

Thank you so much Barb for you awesome work! It was my absolute pleasure to work with you. I hope we do it again.

May 14, 2018

Educational (Laura Beausaert) for Job #276712 - Female VO for Training w/ Professional and Corporate Tone

Great job Barb!

May 3, 2018

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