DominiGames for Job #154249 TCS (Ignotus)

It was excellent!
Character in our game is much more alive now.

Aug 30, 2015

Internet Video

sicshot productions for Job #148463 Poem and Dancing

Thank you so much, Ed! Truly a pleasure!

Jul 15, 2015

Internet Video

Air Tickets Arabia for Job #149153 Cartoon Camel - English

Excellent Talent! A++ Thank you for amazing job.

Jul 13, 2015

Internet Video

Joo Kno Media for Job #141316 Tasty, the Turkey

Very professional and a pleasure to work with. Excellent work!

May 19, 2015


DominiGames for Job #137228 Dark Romance 2 (Alistair)

Great job!

Mar 29, 2015

Videogames (Sean Mancuso) for Job #126518 Voices: Videogame - Dr. Zox - British Male VO Required

Excellent job Ed, thank you!

Dec 18, 2014

Internet Video (Michael Di Lullo) for Job #126938 VOICES - Video Game Reveal Trailer - Tough Cop (repost)

Great work, Ed - thank you!

Dec 17, 2014


Elephant Games for Job #124522 HH7 (Esrael_2)

Nov 17, 2014

Videogames (Sean Mancuso) for Job #122552 Voices: Videogame - Bartender - English Male VO Required

Great work, Ed - thank you!

Nov 14, 2014


Game Forest for Job #122374 Midnight Mysteries (Charles Dickens, british english)

Great job, Ed! Your voice is a true part of our project now.

Oct 28, 2014


Frostburn Studios for Job #95540 Snide Chinese Fortune Announcer

Ed mace never ceases to amaze me with his talent and his professionalisim.

Jan 23, 2014


christopher oconnell for Job #93852 Starfall (working title)

Fantastic voice artist! Ed and his performance are professional, dynamic and thorough. He gave me lots of fun and great material to work with and I'd definitely like to utilize his skills for future work.

Dec 27, 2013


Frostburn Studios for Job #90324 Omen, Edium and Cryo Magmus

Was quite fun to direct. Very professional actor. Good quality end product!

Nov 15, 2013


Codekiwi for Job #87368 Kung Fu master motivational voice for fitness app

Ed was fantastic. Very fast and efficient production. Very happy with the output.

Oct 12, 2013


Sep 23, 2013


Elephant Games for Job #78854 MT5 (Agent Clyde+Bartender) Part 2

Ed is a great voiceover artist and a hard-working person. I'm grateful for him being patient with our troubled project.
Thanks, Ed!

Jun 11, 2013


StoryMe for Job #74368 Euro science

Great work/

Apr 5, 2013

Educational (Grant Thomas) for Job #72620 Classic New Yorker - (Pigeons from BOLT Movie)

Awesome work! Thanks for the fast turn around!

Mar 19, 2013


Alawar Fridays Games for Job #73499 Stray Souls 2_Barman

Ed, thank you, nice job.

Mar 19, 2013


Vincent van Geel for Job #71489 Shogun Empire - Male Infantry

Good one Ed! Like the variation here :D

Feb 20, 2013

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