iScout for Job #133121 Hazard Scout - Website Explainer Narration

Kyle does excellent work! Highly recommended!

Feb 24, 2015


Hrvatski Telekom for Job #133352 HT Robots

Kyle consistently delivers great VO recordings. He finds the perfect tone and pace with excellent audio quality to boot.

Feb 20, 2015


Hrvatski Telekom for Job #132919 Heat Maps Video

Kyle is awesome! He's read was well pronounced, easy to listen to, and with just the right amount of enthusiasm and smile. Also, audio quality was amongst the best we ever got. No noise, no echo, no boom, no sibilants popping out... just a great VO track and with a speedy turnover as well!

Feb 18, 2015


Hydraulic Studio for Job #132877 YCS Global Transportation Coordination Solution “Chaos”

Just as expected, very professional. A great experience.

Feb 17, 2015

Internet Video

ILENOLIUKGO srl VAT 10785200014 for Job #132167 Ironical movie-based teaser

Kyle is fantastic to work with!

Feb 16, 2015

Internet Video

Cinemasters for Job #119126 Whizmo

Great talent, quick response.

Oct 17, 2014

Internet Video

Vertx Studio for Job #100913 New Market video 2

You did it again, great job!!

Apr 9, 2014

Internet Video

Vertx Studio for Job #90289 New Market

Great job, exactly was I was expecting and faster that I would have thought!!

Nice doing business with Kyle

Nov 14, 2013


Image Studios, Inc. for Job #85177 Mills Fleet Farm - Heartland: Fishing

Kyle...sorry for the delay in releasing these funds. You did a great job. This spot will be released sometime early spring 2014.

Thanks for your work.

Oct 22, 2013

Radio for Job #83853 Looking for a Male-30's sounding for a 15 sec local commercial for eye care

Great job! I have just received word the client is very happy with the final take! I appreciate the hard work and you being able to deliver the directions and on time! Looking forward to our next projects together!

Sep 10, 2013


Elephant Games for Job #66624 Surface 3 (Jeremy_2)

It was always great to work with professionals and Kyle is definitely one of them. Thank you!

Nov 14, 2012


Elephant Games for Job #64068 Surface 3 (Jeremy 2.0)

Quick and professional.

Oct 3, 2012


Win-River Casino for Job #63814 Win-River Casino's $40,000 River's Classic Poker Tournament

Thanks for the fast work and alternate read!

Sep 26, 2012


Laerdal Copenhagen AS for Job #52336 e-learning Pediatric Emergency Room

Kyle has been doing an excellent job for us, returning all files on time following our detailed instructions on uploads in a problemfri cooperation. He managed the proper professional voice acting for our medical product and we would be happy to use Kyle in our future e-learning products.

Jul 2, 2012


LabLynx for Job #57742 New Product 2:50 Video VO - Male 30-ish

Good job, quick, on budget, professional.

Jun 15, 2012

Internet Video

Just Add Firewater for Job #55891 The Story of Cellulistic Biofuel Mandate

Kyle delivered an excellent product, on schedule and was quick to address notes. I definitely recommend him to other producers.

May 23, 2012


Career Education Corporation for Job #52946 My Idea

May 15, 2012


Paperplane for Job #49876 Anatomy of a Demo

Kyle has an incredibly warm, personable, resonant voice and was such a pleasure to work with. He instinctively knew the right direction for the script, and required no supervision. He's a favorite!

Feb 9, 2012


SmartRoam for Job #49123 CT IVR v2

We have worked with Kyle before, and we will again.

Feb 1, 2012


SmartRoam for Job #49131 CB IVR v2

We have worked with Kyle before, and will again.

Feb 1, 2012

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