Internet Video

Badger Media for Job #235776 Modern Worker

Tom not only nailed the read we were looking for in his audition, but was very fast in producing the finished work. Thanks Tom!

May 31, 2017


Perfect2Go for Job #235278 Perfect2Go Kevin VO

Great work!

May 26, 2017

Movie Trailers

Betsson Group for Job #227315 Movie Trailer for April Fools

Great working with Tom, he's a true professional!


Mar 30, 2017


PureGT for Job #216236 Expanding Horizons - Krank vid 2

I think should give buttons with different options on like; 'smashed it out of the park!' when awarding jobs. If they did, we would have hit that one!

Superb job Tom and thank you very much, exactly what we were looking for.

For sure, we'll be coming back to you when we have future projects.

Mar 2, 2017


Christian Tyler Properties, LLC for Job #220210 American Dream Investment Pitch

Pleasure to work with! Thank you so much.

Feb 10, 2017

Internet Video

Geaux Aerial for Job #210032 Chez Belle

Excellent to work with. I'm new to and Tom was patient and professional in helping me complete my project.

Jan 16, 2017


Maestro for Job #215271 ProCare Connect

Jan 13, 2017


alphavideo for Job #216170 Diamond Bonus Vault Jackpot

Tom was great. Very quick and responsive. Will definitely look to use him again.

Jan 6, 2017

Movie Trailers

Zweig Group for Job #207392 2017 annual conference promo

Excellent work and very responsive!

Dec 21, 2016


UnCommonSense Films Private Limited for Job #203370 BMW Festive Celebration

Oct 12, 2016

Internet Video

American Black Market for Job #197230 Giant Bicycles Web Spot

Tom is a fantastic VO artist. He was very prompt in his responses and turned around a solid track well within our time frame. Would definitely recommend for anyone.

Aug 14, 2016

Educational (Ryan Wallace) for Job #184958 Voices - Non-broadcast - Hotel History - Southern Cowboy - Engaging, Informative

Great work Tom!

Jun 8, 2016

Business (Grant Thomas) for Job #182656 Voices Shortlist - from Job 169734

Top notch work from Tom on this one! It was a successful collaboration and we thank Tom of all is hard work.

Jun 6, 2016


Sean Stall for Job #180761 Cigna PEGAWorld Conference Video Open

Outstanding work by Tom. Looking forward to our next project!

Apr 18, 2016


Sexton and Company for Job #177541 Breakthru Beverage

Great job, very responsive and does an excellent job of accenting key points in the script.

Mar 21, 2016

Business (Kyle Holder) for Job #175624 Voices - Internal Sales video

Fantastic files!

Mar 1, 2016

Internet Video (Sam Park) for Job #174129 Voices - Joel Osteen New Script

WONDERFUL JOB and amazing to work with!

Feb 24, 2016


M9 Digital for Job #174710 IVR Voicemail Pet Retailer

Awesome job!

Feb 21, 2016

Internet Video (Sam Park) for Job #174304 Voices - Lakewood VO 3

Tom is fast, friendly and his voice is amazing!

Feb 19, 2016


University of Wisconsin Aquatic Sciences Center for Job #171647 Sea Grant: 50 Years of Science Serving America’s Coasts

We have been extremely happy working with Tom. He is a true professional. He took time to check in with me before he recorded our documentary. He wanted to be sure he knew exactly what kind of voice we wanted. Then he made us a beautiful recording. His voice is perfect for what we wanted. (And he can do hundreds of other voices, too, judging from his samples! Not that we needed that variety, but he is extremely versatile.) He re-recorded a few pick-ups with no fuss whatsoever. And he got the job done well within our timeframe. We couldn't be happier. Thanks a lot, Tom!

Feb 11, 2016

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