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When providing artistic direction, we recommend that you consider the following three key elements; your brand, your audience and your message

1. Your Brand

Start by thinking about your brand. What words would you use to describe who you are? Three or four adjectives that indicate the personality of your brand help tremendously when it comes to representing your company, using the appropriate tone of voice and a talent’s overall approach to the copy.

This might also extend to the brands you represent and the personal brands of individuals who might be mentioned. What is their sound? How do they want to be represented? Do you require a soundalike or someone to provide a voice match for any of your characters?

In this instance, having an audio sample of the voice you’d like for talent to match is helpful as are sharing any adjectives to describe their voices, attitudes and approach.

Talent can also draw inspiration from images they see or from videos.

2. Your Audience

Make sure that the voice talent know who your target market is. When they know who will hear the message, they can then assume the appropriate role and more accurately interpret your script.

Talent are able to embody your brand and represent it much better when they know who they’re speaking to and how their character relates to the audience. Voice actors are tasked with the job of communicating in such a way that they can educate, inform or entertain.

This is done most effectively when a clear picture of the audience and the talent’s role is sufficiently described.

3. Your Message

Do you have a backstory or any information that you think the talent ought to know before creating their read? Context is huge when interpreting a script and can make a significant difference between a good read and a great one. The more detail you can give to the talent at this phase, the better.

For instance, if there are multiple roles in a production, talent appreciate knowing how their character relates to other characters. If you don’t provide details of this nature, the voice talent will do it for you according to the knowledge of your project that they have at the present time.

If you’re producing a sports video game, this may mean how a given athlete performed over the last season, knowing their strengths and why they were selected to be included in the game.

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