Audio Production Services

Audio Production Services

Sound your absolute best.

Sometimes a project requires a little something extra to make it perfect. We can help. Our production and post-production services can take an audio project from average to wow, even if you don’t have the time or resources to produce it on your own.

We are experts at understanding the final objective and medium of our client's projects - in any file format, on any platform - and we have the tools and resources to move any project of any size from the initial stages of pre-production, to the client’s desired ready-to-air or present format. We provide a range of services to match our clients’ varying needs, including:

Audio Editing

The art and science of audio editing marries great performances with technical skill.

Audio Post Production

Once the male or female voice talent has finished recording, we support the read by mixing in music and sound effects.

Audio Mastering

When the work is done, we put polish on your recording so that it's ready for prime time.


Need background voices in your production for a social gathering or restaurant scene? Ask us for walla.

Sound Effects

Bring elements of your project to life using carefully considered sound effects also known as SFX.

Background Music

Set the right tone for your project with professionally produced music beds. There's lots to choose from!

We are experienced at coordinating complex productions with different talent located in different parts of the world. Wherever they are, we’ll deliver finalized, mixed-down projects, as well as individual source files, to our clients.

We also specialize in multilingual projects that involve translation as well as voice over. We provide documentation, templates, and guides to structure source scripts and documents to facilitate translation, audio to video synchronization, dubbing, and other audiovisual projects.

Which is our way of saying no matter the project type, has the audio production capabilities to turn concept into reality.

Need a voice-over for your project? We can help!

We can help. We've helped thousands of small businesses and the Fortune 500 get professionally recorded voice-overs, often hitting nearly impossible deadlines. Contact us and let us know how we can help you complete your next project.

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Listen to Voice Talent

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