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The makings of a great job.

Planning Ahead

Before starting any voice-based project, you need to step back and assess what you’re trying to accomplish and what resources are available to you in order to do so. We’ve drafted a Project Checklist designed to capture the key project-related pieces of information up-front - which can ultimately reduce risk later on.

Information Needed To Complete Projects Successfully

Gender: Female / Male / Either

Age Range: Child / Young Adult / Middle Age / Senior

Category of Project: Broadcast / Non-Broadcast or Internal

Artistic Direction: Any instructions or details to help us understand what type of voice you are looking for.

Sample Script: Required for custom auditions.

Total Word Count of Script: Required for quoting and work orders.

Production Requirements: File editing / background music etc.

Audition Deadline: The date when you need to receive voice samples by. 

Project Deadline: The date when you need to receive the final deliverable by.

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