When you Post Your Job and select the Self Service option, you have the benefit of Voices.com’s easy-to-use and secure platform to find, hire and pay the voice actor you choose.


Post A Job - it's Free!

You can find voice talent quickly by clicking "Post a job". Posting your job is as easy as entering a few project details, including a sample from your script, and some information about the type of voice talent you are looking for.

View Responses

Within the hour, check back to view responses (custom auditions from your script from voice actors meeting your criteria) by clicking on the "Responses" link in your account. You can listen to MP3 samples and even compare quotes for your project, all on one page.

Award Your Job

Once you have selected your voice actor, award your job by clicking "Hire". Next, you will be directed to send payment by credit card through our SurePay Escrow service. Your funds will be securely held until you are satisfied with your final recorded files.

Send Final Script

Confirm the material to be recorded by either using the script attached to your original job posting or by attaching a new or final script.

Download Your Files

Your chosen voice talent will record your script in their professional recording studio. When they’re all done, you'll receive an email inviting you to download the files.

Release Payment

Once you're happy with the work and are ready to pay the talent, visit the "Payments" page and simply click "Release Funds" to send payment directly to the voice talent. And of course, our Customer Service team is here to help if you run into challenges - be in touch and we’d be glad to help.


When working with Professional Services, we’re here not just to help you find the perfect voice actor, but to help you with the broader project you’re completing.


Choosing to Share your job gives you several options for sharing audition files for $9.95:

  1. Creating a unique URL with links to your audition selects that you can forward to anyone. This feature allows you to either include the Voices.com logo, or to use your own logo - this works particularly well if you are sharing auditions with a client or others externally
  2. Download audition files to either email and share, or for placement into your project.

Multi-User Accounts

Add users to your Voices.com account! This feature allows you to:

  • Add your team to collaborate on your projects
  • Improve security by giving everyone unique login credentials
  • Add others in your organization who use Voices.com, to consolidate billing

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