Why Are Marketers Embracing the Power of Animation?

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Discover How To Unlock The Potential Of Animation To Drive Your Business Marketing Efforts

This isn't Pixar.

Animation isn’t just for those who can afford it: These days, it’s available to the rest of us, too.

What was once the exclusive domain of high-end animation studios and producers is increasingly being driven into the mainstream as the tools become ever more powerful, affordable and accessible.

Changing Times

Why does this matter? Because as today’s mobile-centric consumers shift their consumption habits toward smartphones and tablets, what they consume and how they consume it is changing, as well. They’re reading less and viewing more. They’re consuming content not by surfing to websites as they might have once done, but by interacting in social media, one tweet, status update and short snippet at a time.

This socially-driven environment means audiences want to be shown and not necessarily told. Static text-and-graphics marketing materials no longer stand out from the crowd. Dynamic, right-sized, easily shared content is where today’s marketers need to be - and what they need to be building.

While video is a growing channel for most marketers, animation has emerged as a uniquely powerful medium for the agile marketer. It allows organizations of all sizes and in any market sector to produce professional-grade content without necessarily having to use cameras and without having to schedule and manage location-based shooting.

With the right tools, any company - not just large and tech-capable organizations - can take advantage of today’s increasingly capable and affordable animation tools. No need to be an animation expert.

Increasingly Accessible

The cloud figures prominently into the animation revolution, as subscription-based services take over where traditional tools leave off. Whereas yesterday’s animation solutions - usually conventional software applications that required specialized hardware and customized installation and training - might have required significant up-front capital investment before anyone could get to work, the cloud is rewriting the animation code.

Now, just choose the service that’s right for you, sign up for it, then log in and get to work. The full capability is available to you right from the start, and new features become available as soon as the vendor hits the go button. As your needs grow - larger projects, more players, increasingly sophisticated production requirements - today’s animation services grow with you.

It’s just the ticket for brand managers who want the best possible tools to tell their story to today’s audiences. If you haven’t considered incorporating animation into your marketing roadmap, the time to take that first step is now.

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