How To Know When It’s Time To Update Your Phone System

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Is the content on your phone system stale? Know when it's time for a change.

As companies mature and evolve, they tend to outgrow both their physical phone systems and scripts that once worked well.

Not Quite Right

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of explaining away why your outdated business cards are still in use, you know how embarrassing it can be.

Maybe your title changed or there was an office move and the address printed on the cards is incorrect. Whatever the inaccuracy, be it in print or graphical form, nobody likes passing out old business cards. Scrawling corrections on the card only prolongs the pain and undermines your confidence as a professional.

Furthermore, when something isn’t quite right on your business cards, you might purposefully withhold giving them out at networking events or make excuses for why you ‘forgot’ to bring them with you.

All things considered, not giving out business cards costs you more in lost connectivity and relationship building.

Perhaps it’s the marketing collateral you worked on five years ago that needs to be tweaked. You’ve simply stopped sending it out and tell yourself that everything will get better when the new version is ready.

Somethings can be delayed longer than others, but not your phone system. You can’t decide if and when a customer calls in.

What happens along the way that warrants an update to your phone system? The following list contains the most common reasons for why you might make changes to your telephone system.

  • The voice of the brand changed
  • Organizational changes
  • Information updates
  • Music is dated

Giving your phone system a thorough review on a regular basis is important. Over time, you can develop a schedule for what needs to be updated and when. Understanding why phone systems need to be updated will help you to better maintain your phone system and keep messaging fresh.

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