How To Write a Script for a Phone System

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Writing informative copy to guide callers through your phone system.

When you are writing your telephone voice over script, there are several key elements that you’ll want to include, the first element being an auto-attendant.

1. Writing The Auto Attendant Script

An auto attendant is the first voice that a caller will hear when they dial through to your company phone line. The auto attendant greets the caller and establishes trust while branding your company.

For instance, your auto attendant may be scripted to say something like this:

Thank you for calling XYZ Company, the leading provider of whatever-it-is-you-do services.

Examples of an Auto-Attendance Script

Thank you for calling Abigail Jane’s Flowers, your friendly neighborhood florist for weddings and all of your special occasions.


Thank you for calling The Herculean, the fitness club that goes the extra mile for you.


Thank you for calling Grimsby Developments, developers of strikingly beautiful heritage homes at remarkably reasonable prices.

2. Writing a Script For The Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

After the caller has heard the auto attendant, the same voice usually guides them through their options, you know, press 1 for this and press 2 for that. This element of your voice over script is called an IVR or Interactive Voice Response.

Why is it there? You may want your voice actor to direct callers to specific offices or to listen to pre-recorded messages that share useful information such as your regular office hours, what’s on the menu, and so on.

One popular option with callers is the ability to dial zero to reach a representative at any time. Be sure to make that option available to them at the end of your IVR prompts. Phone systems that offer this feature often relieve customers who are becoming agitated or simply don’t have time to listen to the entire menu of options. Surveys across the board have shown that many callers detest having to wait and appreciate the option to press zero to exit the menu and speak directly with a “real” person.

Once your caller has picked the option that best meets their needs, they will then be directed to the extension associated with their request. Be sure to map that out when you are setting up your telephone system. Know which extensions are paired with the numbers and symbols you ask the caller to press so there are no hiccups in the process for your caller.

Examples of Script for an Interactive Voice Response System

To speak with a floral consultant, press 1
To place an order, press 2
To speak with Genevieve Thompson in arranging, press 3
To speak with Abigail Jane Frailey, press 4
To leave a message in the company mail box, press 5


To learn about our club memberships, press 1
To start your fitness experience at The Herculean, press 2
To book a personal trainer, press 3
To listen to our contact information, press 4
To return to the main menu, press the pound key


To setup a meeting with a member of our team, press 1
To listen to homeowner testimonials, press 2
To speak with Mike Grimsby, press 3
To speak with the billing department, press 4
To leave a message in the company voice mail box, press 5
To review your options, press 9

3. Writing an On-Hold Message

Now, while all of this is happening, you have an excellent opportunity to market to your caller while they are waiting on hold.

Do you know how to turn waiting time into selling time? It’s quite simple.

When you are scripting your telephone voice over prompts, be sure to include some on-hold messaging. The on-hold messaging follows the Interactive Voice Response.

For best results, write three or four courtesy messages and an equal number of marketing messages that will alternate while a caller is waiting to be served. When your callers are on hold, you can gently remind them that you appreciate their time and their business. Courtesy messages are meant to soothe callers while they are waiting.

On the flip side, you can also up-sell your customer through a marketing message. After all, you do have a captive audience! There’s no better time to let the caller know about a special that is going on, an update to your service, or anything relevant to your organization. Include some persuasive messaging and the caller will have a newly inspired reason to do more business with you if interested.

Examples of On-Hold Messages

Are you getting married this year?  Let our consultants sweep you off your feet and create the bridal bouquet of your dreams.
Thank you for holding.  We appreciate your business. 
It’s almost Valentine’s day... Does your lady love have a dozen roses ordered for her already?  There’s still time, so make sure you ask your floral consultant when we return on the line.


Need a place to go to get away from it all?  The Herculean is your destination to build muscles, tone up, and keep your fitness in check.

Thank you for holding on the line.  A representative will be with you shortly. 
With warmer weather comes outdoor activity, and not to mention shorts and summer clothes.  Keep up appearances on the golf course, at the office ( or the beach! ) by joining the number one fitness club, The Herculean.


Looking to build a new home in desirable Mountain’s Peak?  We have 6 lots still available to build your family dream home on.  Come visit us today to explore the possibilities.

Thank you for holding.  We appreciate your business. 

Hard wood flooring, cathedral ceilings, open concept living spaces... you can have it all with a home designed and built by Grimsby Developments.  Inquire about our model homes when we return on the line.

4. Writing a Script For Your Voicemail

Something else that you will want to have is a company voicemail message. This voice mail will act as a generic greeting for any messages that are left outside of personal voicemail. Along those lines, consider having specific personal voicemail greetings recorded in the event that you or your staff would prefer the voice talent to do so instead of recording it yourself.

Let’s pretend that your caller has phoned after hours and there is no one available to take their call.

At this point, you have a couple of options to consider:

  • Just let them sit on the line until they eventually navigate their way to a voice mail box
  • Or, you can set up an after hours message that will thank the caller for phoning and provide instructions to leave a message or phone back on the next business day.

The same goes for holidays. If you’d like to have a special message prepared for statutory holidays, you can customize the message for your customers and present it to them at the appropriate time.

Examples of Voicemail Scripts

Personal Voicemail Message for Small Business Owner

Hi, you’ve reached the private voice mail for Abigail Jane Frailey.  I’m not in the office at the moment, but please leave your name, phone number, and your request, and I will return your call as soon as I can.  Talk to you soon!


General Business Voicemail Message

Hello, you have reached the corporate voice mail for The Herculean team of fitness professionals.  Please leave your name, phone number or email address and we will get back to you within twenty-four hours.


Daytime Voicemail Message

Thank you for calling Grimsby Developments, the leader in heritage home development.  All of our lines are busy, so please leave your name, phone number, and your request, and a representative will return your call as soon as they can.  Thank you, and have a nice day.

Evening Voicemail Message

Thank you for calling Grimsby Developments, the leader in heritage home development.  The office is currently closed, so please leave your name, phone number, and your request, and a representative will return your call as soon as they can tomorrow morning.  Thank you, and we look forward to serving you.



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