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Three Types of Podcast Shows

Record Your Podcast

Recording a Long-Distance Interview

For interview-style podcasts, you can record using Skype to record or plan to record via a conference call with free services such as Both services allow multiple people to participate on a call.

Recording an In-Person Interview

For those of you who intend to record and conduct on-site interviews, I'd recommend visiting the location of the interview ahead of time to become familiar with your surroundings. Scope out the best place to set up shop and minimize any extraneous or background noise (unless that's the atmosphere you are trying to create.)

Recording One-Person Shows

If you are hosting the podcast and are speaking directly to your audience, life becomes a lot easier because you are in control of where you record, how you record, and the material you present. Simply have your show outline ready, plug in your microphone, set up your recording software and hit record. Be sure to record in a quiet environment and let anyone present in the office (or house) know that you are not to be disturbed until the recording is finished.

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