Radio Campaign Schedule Template

Keep on top of your radio campaigns by knowing which commercials are running, when they’re running, and what they’re costing you. More than just a schedule, this worksheet tracks campaign progress and supports dynamic if/then analysis to maximize impact and efficiency.


The Campaign Schedule and Budget Tool Provides:

  • Scheduling broken down by dayparts
  • Automated cost updates based on provided rates
  • Simultaneous tracking of multiple spot and promotion types

Seeing The Big Picture, And The Details Too

The typical radio campaign can be a complex adventure, with enough moving parts to make space travel look simple. Advertisers can’t afford to lose sight of both the big picture, as well as all the smaller parts that contribute to it. A campaign schedule keeps all the important stuff visible, and allows advertisers to plot what airs, when it airs, what it costs, and what it’s supposed to accomplish. Related activities like on-air promotions and on-site remotes are also included in the schedule/budget tracker.

Managing Costs Along Side Air Time

Having a comprehensive view of what airs, when and what it costs also makes it easy to adapt a campaign to meet changing market and business conditions - and because visibility drives knowledge, it can also help advertisers negotiate favorable terms for current and future campaigns. To help you get started with your own schedule and budget, download the tracker template below.


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