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Before there's voice, you need words.

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Script Template for Screenplays

If you're writing a script that has more than one actor or voice, you may want to write it out in screenplay format. Use this template to ensure everyone involved, including actors, directors, and camera operators, can keep track of your storyline.

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Script Template for Explainer Videos

Explainer videos allow companies and brands to help customers and other stakeholders learn more about their products and services. Because they use lots of voice-over, download this template to get a head start on building the perfect script

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Movie Trailers. The power of scripted content.

Trailers are the movie industry's primary method of getting viewers so excited about the product that they get off their couch and head down to the theater. These powerful, precisely targeted pieces of scripted content can make the difference between a movie being a box office bonanza and a dud. The best scripts pack in great story and powerful emotion. Here's how it's done.

Why Voice Matters. Where tone is everything.

Voice is an essential element of any text, including commercial writing. It's what sets one type of writing apart from other types. A blog post might sound informal and opinionated, for example, while a white paper can be impersonal and data-driven. Being aware of differences in voice will help you develop the right script for any project you're working on.

Goldilocks Was Right. Make your video content just the right length.

Every multimedia production has to be long enough to tell the story, but not so long that it overstays its welcome. Getting the script wrong can have big consequences. Stuffing too many words into the copy will make your talent struggle as they read. The recording will feel rushed. The voice-over artist might try to edit the copy, improvise, or ask to rephrase certain things. Audiences will pick up on it. We'll look at the factors that drive balance.

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Read, Write and Edit Voice Over Scripts

No script? No problem! If you want to produce a commercial but need some help with the writing and artistic direction, these scripts, organized by industry, this resource will help you to succeed.

6 Tips for Writing a Stellar Voice Over Script

Whether you're a seasoned copywriter or new to script writing, a good voice-over starts with a well written script. Writing a voice-over script requires a different approach than writing essays, white papers, or reports. Knowing how to write voice-over scripts well will aid the voice-over performance and, ultimately, produce better results for your clients and your own business. Follow these tips to start off on the right path.

Editor-in-Voice: Do You Rework Sloppy Copy?

When a customer presents you with a script that has grammatical errors, missing words, or poorly phrased sentences and the like, do you edit the text to make it more comprehensible for you and the intended audience on behalf of your client? You may find that a client has unwittingly hired a voice talent and an editor. We're out to find out whether or not massaging copy is a service commonly provided by voice over talent.

3 Simple Steps to Better Communication in Voice-Overs

When reviewing a piece of copy, how much attention do you pay to its intended audience? How well you know your audience determines how well you read a script. Determining 3 simple things in advance of voicing a script will improve your read dramatically.

Knowing Who You're Really Talking To

When you are recording a voice over for an advertisement, do you know who you are really talking to? At Voices of Vision, Debbie Munro shared an interesting piece of information with all present, revealing that sometimes the audience you think you are speaking to is really just part of the picture with the rest of the equation waiting in the wings.

How To Write A Great Explainer Video Script

Are you in the market to create an explainer video? Have you considered a script for the video? Having a well written script is an integral part of the planning process for your video and has the power to make your video have more of an impact with your audience. Learning what to consider prior to writing the script or producing the video are critical steps in the process.