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Know Your Sounds. What's in the file?

Inserting sound effects into your project isn’t as simple as downloading the first three files you see when you type into a search bar. In order to be efficient and effective, you need to know a few things about the files themselves rather than the sound you hear.

More Than Just Effects. Sound Trademarks.

A catchy tune can get stuck in your head for hours, even days, and you may not even know the words. Now imagine that tune is attached to your company’s brand and it's driving traffic back to you. That's powerful.

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What are Voice Over Effects?

Sound effects in any project always coincide with some sort of action. When a door closes, you expect the “bang” or “click.” Now think about sounds that people make, like a sneeze or a scream. These are sounds that have to be generated by the actors themselves, not a computer. Believe it or not, these aren't always easy, and there is actually a technique to learning them.

Pat Fraley Presents Lesson on Sound Effects

Voice Over expert, Pat Fraley, shares some of the tips he has learned during his 35+ years working as a professional voice actor. During this podcast, Pat helps aspiring voice actors to understand that their voices is actually the foundation of every project. He also discusses “dry reads,” and why many producers will ask for one.

Production in Voice Over Auditions: How Complex Does it Need to Be?

So you’re sitting in the studio, you just finished recording a custom audition, and now you're wondering to yourself: “Is it boring?” This Vox Daily Blog discusses whether or not you should be adding post production effects to your auditions as well as “dry voice” and when you should consider adding your personal touch.

Using Gesture, Imitation and Sound Effects To Get Into Character

Do physical gestures and imitation sounds really affect your performance? Even when nobody will ever actually see you?  The answer is YES. Professional voice over artist and coach Sunday Muse shares how physical attributes and movements help you to build your character. Developing depth and personality will take your dry read to the next level.

Do-It-Yourself Voice Processing

Have you ever wanted to change the way your voice sounds for a specific audition? The answer is simple: Mixing software. But what if you can’t afford to spend hundreds or even thousands on new mixing apps for your computer? Not to worry, we've compiled a number of tried, tested and true techniques for doing just that!

Movie Sound Effects - a Look Behind the Sound Designer's Curtain

Have you ever wondered about how sound is made? What about the sound effects that you hear in film? Matthew Polis, SoundSpace studio founder and supervising sound editor, contributed this great article to Vox Daily to give you a window into his world.