How To Write a Great Explainer Video Script

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Writing Compelling Scripts for Explainer Videoss

Creating an Explainer Video Starts with the Script

Are you in the market to create an explainer video? Have you considered a script for the video?

Having a well written script is an integral part of the planning process for your video and has the power to make your video have more of an impact with your audience.

Learning what to consider prior to writing the script or producing the video are critical steps in the process.

Our guest writer, Shawn Arora is founder of LaunchSpark Video, a Toronto-based explainer video agency, provides tips on what it takes to make your explainer video go from good to great with well planned script.

How to Write a Great Explainer Video Script

A nicely animated explainer video without a good script is like a good-looking guy or girl without any personality - there'll be some initial interest, but that interest will fade fast. A great script lays the foundation for the video and immediately connects with your target audience. A common way to approach the structure of the script is the problem / solution / how it works / wrap up format.

1. The Problem

You need to tap into the emotions of your viewers / users. Understanding your users starts well before the explainer video - ideally this is an exercise you undertook during the early stages of your company. You can't connect with someone you don't understand.

2. The Solution

Next, mention how you'll solve that problem in the form of a value proposition. It's best to keep this short and sweet so that your viewer gets it immediately. Describe the core benefit you provide, not your features.

3. How It Works

This is where you elaborate on the solution and introduce some detail about your product / service. Mention features, but don't forget to include the benefits of those features. Also, most buyers are well educated about your competition, so mention the factors that differentiate you (without mentioning competitor names).

4. Wrap Up

This is where you'll mention your company and tagline, introduce the logo, and summarize your value proposition. This should be short and memorable. Your script doesn't have to be laid out in this manner (after all, this is a creative process), but this is an intuitive and natural way for a viewer to comprehend an idea.


Consider the Length: As a rule of thumb, every 140 - 180 words of a script will take one minute in a voiceover (varies based on your chosen artist), and the length of the voiceover is generally how long your video will be (plus 3-4 seconds on the final screen).

Write Visually: Write your script in a way that's easy to envision; for example, saying "We build a mountain of data..." is much easier to visualize and animate than saying "We get data...".

Consider Humour: People are more engaged with humorous material and will pay attention for longer if you can entertain them. Don't force it though.

Create a Compelling Story: Don't just write a script of facts... instead, speak to your audience with an emotional story that they can relate to. Make it personal and speak directly to them.

Get the Right Voiceover Artist: is a great place to find a wide range of voice talent for your project. With so many options, you can find an artist that fits the personality of your company; for example, if you're a thought leader that speaks to CEOs, pick a voice that fits that. And make sure to guide your artist on the tone, pace and style that suits your company.

The following video created by LaunchSpark uses the problem / solution / how it works / wrap-up format, and uses a touch of humour to connect with the audience. We ended the story by nailing home the problem that we introduced at the beginning of the video.


About LaunchSpark Video

LaunchSpark Video creates videos for company overviews, screencasts, content marketing, infographics and trade show displays. Their clients operate in a wide range of industries and encompass everything from startups to public companies. Follow them here on Twitter or read more on their blog.

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