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1. Get in front of clients.

Clients come to Voices.com to find professional voice actors from around the world. In fact, Voices.com works with clients in over 130 different countries including brands like Shopify, Lumosity, GoDaddy, and Hulu! We provide opportunities to get yourself heard (and hired)!

2. Build your voice over resume.

With over 3000 jobs posted to the freelance marketplace every month, we have a job for every kind of voice actor. Clients are searching for their perfect voice for everything from eLearning, to radio tags, to televisions spots! If you're needing to round out your voice over resume, you've come to the right place.

3. Modern profiles get you noticed.

Our voice talent profiles are built for the modern professional. Completely searchable and easy to navigate, clients can at a glance see your strengths, listen to your demos, and even invite you to a job.



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1. Unlimited Auditions

Complete your profile and select preferences as to the kind of work you'd like to receive, and you'll be sent invitations to apply to job postings that match your skills and voice type.  On average, there are 3000-4000 jobs posted at Voices.com each month.

2. Simple (and Secure) Payment

You don't need your own Internet merchant account because Voices.com manages all aspects of billing for you while protecting your earnings and ensuring you get paid in a timely manner with our SurePay payment service.

3. Increased Visibility

Feature your demos in our directory and receive higher, priority ranking in the Voices.com search engine for demos.

This is where clients go to find you - make sure you're seen!

...and much more!


Priscilla Hagen

“I’ve enjoyed almost every project, big and small, so far. My biggest win is being able to book jobs monthly, and Voices.com has a lot to do with that!”

Kabir Singh

"I've grown with Voices.com. I've grown with their benefits, I've grown with their process, access, resources, and staff. It's great working with the Voices.com reps - it's all been a pleasure."

Jamie Hill

"More and more, I'm hearing Voices.com talent on the radio and TV - on major networks and popular stations. Careers are built here."

Rich Fields

"The one thing I saw immediately was the volume of auditions. This gave me a chance to hone my skills again. The Price is Right is truly 'voice acting'. Nobody speaks of announces like that."

Voices.com in 3 words:

"Opportunities, professional, creative.”

Voices.com in 3 words:

"How about two words - it works."

Voices.com in 3 words:

"Progress, trust, potential."

Voices.com in 3 words:

"First rate service."