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    On March 30th 2012, SAG and AFTRA members approved a motion to merge the two unions into One Union.


    A group of actors collectively formed SAG in 1933 after years of being subjected to this kind of treatment. It was a meeting of six minds that got it all started. Before long, just three months after the first meeting, the founding council was born...


    The AFTRA is a national labor union that represents over 70,000 performers working in public and cable television programming, radio broadcasting, sound recording, audio books , voice overs, voice messaging, interactive games, internet technologies, digital media and other new media.


    The union changed names many times over throughout the years going from the ACRA to the Association of Radio and Television Artists, to the Canadian Council of Authors and Artists, to the Alliance of Canadian Authors and Artists, and finally settling on the most appropriate title in 1984, the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists.


    Today Equity serves over 36,000 members. Equity is unique in that it is the only union that covers all performers and creative personnel working professionally in the United Kingdom.

    Unions for Voice Talent

    This article about unions is one of the more controversial topics we'll be exploring this week. Unions are part of the voiceover ecosystem, and they have done quite a bit to secure particular benchmarks and benefits on behalf of all performers who use their services...


    What's SaVoa? A first for the voice over industry, SaVoa aims to accredit all professional voice over artists, regardless of location, to preserve their art while recognizing people who produce broadcast-quality audio.

    Financial Core

    What is Financial Core and how does it impact on members?

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    Whether you wear your union status proudly on your sleeve or prefer to stay among the majority of folks working freelance and setting their own rates, we want to hear from you!

    What's Going on with SAG and AFTRA?

    After an announcement late last week, it appears that the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) wants to suspend joint bargaining with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).

    Will SAG and AFTRA Merge? It Could Happen and Here's How

    For tens of thousands of people in the acting and voice acting professions, particularly those who are members of SAG and or AFTRA, this change could make all the difference in the world...

    ACTRA Strike Updates

    Read what several ACTRA talent have to say about the strike that has rocked the acting community, the country and the Canadian broadcast and film industry...

    Writers Strike in Hollywood Imminent

    When the people who write drop their pens and go on strike, an entire industry shuts down...

    How is the WGA Strike Affecting You?

    After yesterday's post, I got an email from a concerned member of the union who would like to share his point of view...

    SAG and AFTRA's Interactive Media Agreement Affect on Videogames

    Michael Bell of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), chair of the interactive committee for SAG, is lobbying to raise the session fees in 2008, battling it out for the residuals...

    Making Non-union Jobs Union Jobs

    Pat Fraley says that it can be done! To find out how you can turn a non-union job into a union job, read this post.

    Abrams Artists Agency Plays Big League Voiceover

    Big League VO is where some of the meatiest, most lucrative voice over jobs are acquired, but the latest news out of the traditionally union-dominated Manhattan voice over scene may surprise you. Find out how the US economy continues to take a bite out of union work.

    How Do I pick a Voice Talent Agency?

    I've looked at two voice talent agencies, but I'm not sure if either of them will get me auditions, and neither of them have a license. What should I do?

    Interview with Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Josh Keaton

    Are you a member of SAG or AFTRA? If you are when did you join and is there a story you can share about how you made the decision to go union?

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    What's going on with SAG and AFTRA?

    In our top story, you may have heard about the latest news regarding the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, but you may not have heard about what's going on within AFTRA and its upcoming re-run election...

    AFTRA Hosts Don LaFontaine at the VOICE Conference

    Hear from Voices.com at the VOICE Conference, a Lennie Weinrib Tribute, AFTRA, Don LaFontaine and Bob Bergen...

    AFTRA Sponsors the VOICE Conference

    To wrap up, you may have heard that AFTRA, one of the unions in the US, has just jumped on board as sponsors at the VOICE Conference to take place in Las Vegas...