Getting Your Login

You may have already received a login from your Account Manager. If so, you’re all set! You can continue to login to to post jobs and search for talent.

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Who At My Company Needs A Login?

Anyone at your company can have a login. Your login allows you to post union jobs and to decide how/if you would like to collaborate with others. 

Ways to Collaborate:

  • Add multiple users to create a team who collaborate under one account.

  • Manage your team of users easily and only grant access to those who you work with most often.

  • Use our Sharing Tool to quickly and easily generate a custom URL including links to either demos or audition file shortlists that you would like to share with clients or other members of your company. This means fewer users actually need access to your account, making security and confidentiality easier for you to manage.  

  • View our Quick Start Guide for Producers to see screenshots of how to get started. 

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  • Create your own login

  • Get started posting union jobs

Want to get started but you'd like an extra hand setting things up? Contact your Account Manager or reach out to our Customer Support Team at or calling 1-888-359-3472.

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