1. You Post Your Union Job

Post your job and pay at the time of posting or speak to your Account Manager for unlimited posting options.

2. Agencies Audition Their Talent

Talent agencies upload up to 99 auditions in response to your union job posting.

3. You Select a Talent Agent and Negotiate Details

Create shareable shortlists and when you’re ready, select your voice actor, and negotiate final project details and payment with their talent agent.

My Home

Welcome to My Home! This is the screen you will see when you login to your Voices.com account.  Here you’ll find quick links to post your union jobs, search for union talent, access your job history, and update account settings.

Multi-User Accounts

Inviting and managing team members is entirely in your control. Simply hover over your avatar at the top right of any page once you are logged in, and select Manage Team.

Ways to Collaborate:

  • Add multiple users to create a team who collaborate under one account

  • Manage your team of users easily and only grant access to those who you work with most often.

  • Add and remove users at any time.

  • Use our Sharing Tool to quickly and easily generate a custom URL including links to either demos or audition file shortlists that you would like to share with clients or other members of your company. This means fewer users actually need access to your account, making security and confidentiality easier for you to manage.

Or, click Add Member from your My Home page.

Select Add Member and then the type of role you would like to assign. Note that all your team members can see and interact with all jobs and messages on the account.

Fill out the team member information. We recommend "firstname_lastname" as a user name. Assign a temporary password and click Create Member to send an invitation to join your team.

From the Team Members page you can view team member details, resend invitations, change user roles or delete users who no longer need access.

Posting Jobs

Start by clicking Post a Job from the top navigation bar of any page.


Complete the union job posting form and include as much detail as possible to avoid delays due to missing information, and help invited talent agencies to respond quickly to your request.

Consider including these in the job description field:

  • Project overview

  • Role-specific requests 

  • Intended usage

  • Artistic direction

  • Estimated recording date(s)

  • Whether you require custom auditions or prefer to simply hear demos. For custom auditions, ensure you include a portion of your script.

  • Location-specific requirements

  • Special requests

Please include as much information as is available to help talent agents provide you with the best talent and pricing options. Additionally, if there is a key piece of information which hasn’t been finalized as yet, note that in your posting as well (e.g., “We may require a live recording session but aren’t sure as yet.”).

Save and continue to select the agencies you’d like to invite to your job.

On the agency selection page, click Invite All or search by name or location to find the agencies you wish to invite. Check off all agencies that should receive your invite and click Post Your Job.

Congratulations! You’ve posted your job. From here invites will be sent to the selected agencies and you will be notified when you begin to receive responses.

Reviewing Auditions

You will be notified via email when you begin to receive responses from talent agencies. Review your auditions by logging in and going to the All Jobs or Hiring tab to find your job.

Open the job from the main jobs list. This is where you'll find all of the details about your job. From here you can:

  • View the status of the job

  • Edit your job

  • View responses and files

  • Review messages

Navigate to the responses tab to listen to auditions and review proposals from talent agencies interested in working on your job.

You can listen, like, and favourite your auditions. Click “+More Info” to see additional details submitted by the agency for your consideration.

When you’ve selected the talent you wish to work with, click Select beside the submitted audition to notify the agency and begin discussions and negotiations.

From this point on you will work directly with the talent agent to negotiate pricing, arrange payment, and confirm final project details.

You can contact the agency directly using the contact information provided, or submit additional project details i.e. a personal message, full script, and recording details in the form provided.

Sharing Auditions

Click “+Share Responses” to select the shortlist of auditions you would like to share with others, which will generate a URL (and custom web page) that you can then send to team members or your client.

This will open the share settings window where you can:

  • Customize the page title

  • Include your company’s branding or select a non-branded page

  • Include/exclude specific information 

  • Remove and reorder auditions

Clicking View generates a shareable link.

Copy the link or View Page to look at your custom page.