What Does This News Mean for Talent Agents?

Voices.com is the largest voice over marketplace in the world, completing hundreds of thousands of jobs for clients in 139 countries. Ultimately, Voices.com’s goal is to connect clients with the voice actors they want to hire. We are excited to make a single destination for producers to find the talent they need.

In the spirit of our mission, we want to ensure that all talent have opportunities. If a voice actor would like to have access to union opportunities, we want to be able to help them through their talent agent. That’s you!

Key Features Important to Talent Agents:

We know and understand there will be some similarities and differences between your experience on Voicebank.net and the one you'll have on Voices.com. We've outlined some key features (many of which you'll recognize from Voicebank.net):

 Maintain Your Relationship With Your Actors

You know their voices and how to promote them best. Our platform supports you in continuing to do so. Union voice actors are not able to join Voices.com, other than through a talent agency.

 Exclusive Access to Union Work

Companies looking to hire union talent will be directed to talent agencies only. Professional freelance actors will not have access to these opportunities.

 Insights and Information

You’ll know which of your actors you auditioned for which jobs, and how many times you put them forward in a given period.

 Safe and Secure Auditions and File Delivery

Know that all your files are housed on secure and fast servers to enable speedy delivery.

 Global Visibility For Your Agency

Voices.com offers your agency and your actors professional online profiles, ensuring your brand is well represented.

As a Talent Agent, Partnering with Voices.com Means:

What will you discover by working with Voices.com?

 More Jobs

With over 200,000 buyers using Voices.com, the opportunities are great.

 International Opportunities

We have buyers in over 139 countries meaning your agency and your voice actors have a global presence.

 Superb Search Results

Ensure you and your voice actors appear in buyer search with your branding.

 Modern Online Presence

Feature your talent agency (and the actors you represent) with profiles designed for the contemporary producer.

Check out our talent agency quick start guide for more details.