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Are you looking to take your voice-over marketing to the next level? You have quite a bit to gain by developing, maintaining and consistently improving your personal brand.

Personal branding is both far easier and vastly more complicated in the Internet age. Defining your brand and remaining consistent can be tricky when it's being promoted across several platforms. If you're unsure how to create and promote your brand online, you'll benefit from the information in's Personal Branding Online webinar. Presented by voice-over advertising expert Stephanie Ciccarelli, this webinar covers everything you need to know about establishing the ideal brand and making the most of it through online promotions.

The Personal Branding Online webinar covers a wide range of topics, but all are pertinent to the vocal professional who wants to attract new clients or find some useful voice-over marketing tips. Stephanie Ciccarelli will take you on a brief journey through the world of social media, explaining many of the recent developments that have taken place. Next, you will learn why branding online is important and how new forms of media fit into that equation. Once you have obtained a basic understanding of today's internet model, you will be ready to learn about the basic elements that make up a personal brand, and simple ways that you can introduce these elements into marketing your voice-over business. By the end of the webinar, you will be an expert in personal branding and voice talent marketing.

  • Develop your unique selling proposition
  • Establish your marketing strategy as a freelance service provider
  • Present your brand effectively

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