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What a Transcription Service Can Do For Digital Marketing

Trasncriptions of your video and audio content play a major role in your 2022 digital marketing strategy, here's why and how to use them!

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behind the scenes production of a tv show. A camera close up on some food, with a woman standing at a counter, to the left of the close up, which is out of focus.
3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Video Production...

At every stage of video production there are opportunities to create multi-purpose content from still shots to podcasts. Learn how.

woman in a blakc and white striped shirt laying on an orange couch listening to an audiobook and looking at her cell phone.
Post Production
How to Make an Audiobook [Part Three] – How to...

Once you've made an audiobook, you need to know where to make it available and how you'll tell them about it! Find some distribution and promition ideas here.

Collage of voice actors who mane up the Voice Insiders panel
For Voice Actors
Voices Insiders—A Year in Review and What to Expect...

The Voices Insiders Program has fostered a place of authentic sharing of perspective and know-how between voice actors of all backgrounds. Want to join?

Audio frequencies
How to Change the Sample Rate of Your Audio

Learn how to easily change the sample rate of your audio in Quicktime Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro.

Woman in a blue shirt standing behing a gold mic and pop filter, delivering an audiobook narration read.
How to Make an Audiobook [Part Two] – Audiobook...

Once you get to the production phase of make an audiobook, you need to decide on narration and audio editing. Here's what to consider!

man in a colourful shirt standing at a mic with a pop filter, singing.
Considerations Before Hiring a Session Singer

Whether its for backup vocals or tagline singing, or anything else—there are 4 key considerations to make before hiring session singers.

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Young smiling woman sits in recording studio wearing headphones
Top 13 Audio Engineering Schools for 2022

From LA to Toronto, we’ve compiled a list of the best audio engineering schools to help you make it in the audio production industry in 2022

Woman working at computer to increase productivity
5 Ways to Improve Your Voice Acting Auditions

Learn 5 ways to improve your online voice acting auditions from voice talent Mike Tobin. Some of his tips include chunking, editing snaps and more.

Collage of voice actors who mane up the Voice Insiders panel
Voice Over
Mindset and Motivation: How Voice Actors Stay Motivated

The Voices Insiders spoke to how voice actors can stay motivated and practice self care to protect their mental wellness, and brought forward many unique tips...

infographic of podcasting elements including mics, hosts, signal towers, wifi icons, chat bubbles, head phones, and more
How to Start a Podcast and Measure Its Impact in 2021

Here's how to start a podcast, with expert advice on planning, finding guests, promoting the show, measuring performance, and more.

A young woman, presumably listening to her elearning course, sits outside in a school courtyard with her laptop on her lap.
Sample Scripts
Sample Voice Over Scripts for Elearning

Instructional designers and course producers can use these voice over sample scripts as inspiration when they're writing their course scripts

A woman holds a clapper half open as she looks at the camera
For Clients
How to Cast Your Voice Over Project Like a Pro

Wondering how to choose the right actor for your voice over project? Flying Canvas Productions shares their pro tips! Read it now.