What is the most popular/EASY to use recording and editing software for recording only voice?

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How about for PC?
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Going into this summer, I knew I'd be traveling a bit more than usual. I wanted recording software that was of high quality, efficient and simple to use, with little to no additional equipment to cart around.  I now use Twisted Wave for all on-the-road recording.  With my MicPort Pro, a good mic, and my Apple Laptop, it's a top-notch system!  I asked George Whittam to create some audio presets to streamline my editing process, and I couldn't be any happier with the results.
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Yes, Apple plus TW is highly productive and un-fatiguing.  I use it as my main setup, with an analogue pre/comp straight into an iMac line in. If you happen to prefer a pc, you'll find more choice in software but I doubt you'll get the bang-for-your-buck of the Mac-only Twisted Wave. And, Linda, what are the presets?
Good question, Howard!   Presets are a great way to save your audio settings, based on you specific recording gear.  Under the Effects menu at the top menu of TW, navigate to Audio Units, scroll over to Apple.  There, the EQ and dynamics of the recording can be adjusted.  George created my own customized "Effects Stacks" using settings specific to my needs.  You can find out more details when he used my studio recording to create his tutorial on his website at http://www.mindbites.com/lesson/12122-twistedwave-effects-and-stacks-vo-tutorial
Thanks, Linda.  This is an old thread, just found it again.  Have since used those presets all the time as many of my clients opt for some processing before they get their track, and of course it differs according to the end-use.  So a preset with an identifying name really simplifies repeat work.  This is specially true now I use software compression with its infinite range of interacting settings!
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What I first started out with (and what a lot of people start with) is Audacity. It's FREE, plus it's extremely easy to record voice and do any minor edits needed.
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And the latest version of Audacity, 1.3 Beta (Unicode) is MUCH more stable and has a ton of new features!
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I've had great luck with Adobe Soundbooth CS3 and later the CS5 version. It's a great program to do a simple voice record, edit and also has a few tweaking tools for getting rid of background hum and mouth noise and such. It leaves out a lot of the things you might find in Pro-tools or Audition but if you just need to record your voice and send it out, you probably didn't need those things anyway.

     Predominantly, though, I found it to be user friendly when I first started. And since it's only $150 for PC, you're not out too much cash-ola for the experience.  BTW-CS5 has some free online music scores and sound effects that you can pull from which can be handy.
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I'm a big proponent of Sound Forge Pro, and I know a lot of other PC-based talents are, too.  Easy editing, and lots of plug-in options!  Plus, it integrates well if you use any of the other Sound Creative Software.
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Simple: The computer. Macbook (any Intel Macbook). The software. Garageband (cheap) or Bias Peak (nice). Plugins Nomad Factory BT DeEsser DS-2S and Wavearts FinalPlug 5.
Microphone. AudioTechnica AT2020. A good quiet room.

Put it all together and you can't go wrong with professional results. Also fits in a shoulder bag.
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Yes - Garageband is free on most Macs and I've been using it.  It is very simple (I also have Logic, but prefer the quick, no-brainer settings on Garageband).  Worked 4 gigs with it and they all came out just fine.