is there a setting or option that allows for notification when an audition is opened/listened to?

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I don't believe there is an option for that. While it's nice to know that your audition has been heard, it doesn't help you any to be notified about it. You will be notified via email if the client chooses you for the gig, which is really what matters most!
answered by Tobraham (1,230 points)
Thanks for the reply. And certainly-- the awarding is far more important than the listening. I just find it a good way to evaluate the best way to use my time. If there's a very-low listen-to rate on a given site, that's good info to have. As is a high percentage. Plus, knowing a potential client actually listened to an audition means that even if you don't get this job- they know of you for future projects. Again, it's a where-to-allocate-my-resources/time thing.  Thanks again,  Tobraham.
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In your "Answered" folder, you will see a "flag" column.  If there is a green ear icon, your audition has been listened to.  If there is a thumbs-up icon, your audition has been "liked."  If there is no ear, and the job status hasn't moved to "finalizing," "working," or "completed," the client most likely found a talent on another site, or put off the job entirely.  If the job is awarded to someone else, you can check a few things like - how many auditions were posted before yours - between 50 and 100 lowers your chances of a listen - and where did your bid come in?  Most jobs are awarded at a mid-range bid, but if the job was low-paying to begin with, the client may have done a bottom-dive.  If a client only wants to pay $110, for a job that's worth $300, and you bid what it's worth, you may not get a listen (and you may not have wanted that client!).  As for the "like" icon, even though it doesn't mean you'll get the job, you can see if there is a trend to the type of work you're being liked for and adjust your audition "triage" accordingly.

Best of luck.
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Thanks so much, Deborah.  I have been checking for that ear- or even better thumbs-up icon. I just wondered if this site offered a notification (vs. need to check) service. I totally agree with your comments about price. I usually do bid at the higher end of the range, and am aware that may well knock me out of the running for some projects. Still, I prefer to run that risk and maintain an accurate sense of my worth. Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Best of luck to you as well.
You aren't notified about listens, but you are if you book something!