Logo or photo portrait? That is the question.

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In most cases, I think a headshot portrait is the best choice. It gives clients a sense that they're working with a real person, it's more personable and approachable, especially if you look like a pleasant person in the photo!

However, if you have an appearance that you feel will typecast you opposite the way you want to be (for example, if you're older but your voice sounds very young or vice versa), then a logo can be a good idea. This way, no one looks at your headshot and assumes they know what your voice sounds like- thereby potentially passing you up when they want a particular voice, but see someone in your headshots who they assume doesn't have that voice.

So, use your best judgement! Depending on your voice, and the dissonance (or lack thereof) between it and your appearance, there's one option that's clearly superior.
answered by mlenti (12,580 points)
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It depends on the kind of work you're doing.

I'm aiming for character voices (video games, cartoons, etc.) and I'm not much to look at, to boot. So, I split the difference and went with a cartoon graphic of myself. (Plus, as mlenti said, my appearance  and my voices no NOT always match up.)

That said, if you're doing things where you'll be using your natural voice all the time, a photo would be the most apropos.
answered by HalfNote5 (600 points)