Where I can find an agreement between the client and voice talent about the right to use the job when it's done?

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On this site, jobs are considered to be "buyouts" unless otherwise stated.  That means there are no residuals and the client owns the recording to use as they wish forever.  

If you are working for a corporate client for an in-house video, they often do updates and additional videos in a series.  You become the voice of the series and you may make more money than on an AFTRA renewal, which would come years later.  

Of course, if you see Pepsi trying to get a non-union, national commercial buyout for $500 (so they can run it on cable forever), you may want to avoid it.

Other buyouts that are lucrative (in that there will probably be more work from the same client), are phone messaging, radio bumpers, e-learning modules and direct-marketing commercials (the ones with the phone number repeated a million times).  Those clients require lots of updates and maintenance.  Just make sure you are comfortable with the base, initial recording rate you quote.  You can add a rate for shorter pickups or updates in your original quote, if you choose.  Sometimes a client just wants to add one person to a phone tree, or change one slide in a presentation.  I usually have a base recording fee and a sliding fee for additional copy depending on the number of words or pages.

So, in essence, additional fees must be stated by you, up front, but you shouldn't expect residuals on usage for jobs from this site.

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