Is it possible to get occasional feedback or coaching from account reps?

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Since many of the jobs on the site are posted by account reps, it would be really great to get feedback on some of the auditions I do.

Since, I'm paying for the service and the privilege to receive audition notices, it would be great to hear from the account reps occasionally to know what I can do to improve my auditions - or what was missing from an audition that would make the difference for future auditions.

I'm concerned that account managers will eventually just skip over my auditions if they hear a few reads that miss the mark. I love taking direction - and am told that I receive and apply feedback well - so it would be hugely helpful.

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Hi Dani,

Thank you for your question! I appreciate it.  A while ago, we surveyed our Account Managers and asked them what they were looking for in auditions. Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts that you and others may find helpful:

Auditioning Dos:

• Sending a custom demo
* Quoting within the stated budget range
* Following artistic direction
* Affirming that you can meet technical requirements in your proposal (i.e. ISDN, etc.)
* Being professional
* Keeping the recording to the point (slate, read the copy)

Auditioning Don'ts:

* Sending a generic demo
* Submitting if you know you're not the right fit
* Disregarding artistic direction
* Having a conversation in the audio recording
* Quoting significantly higher than the budget
* Blatant self-promotion

From time to time account managers give feedback. I'd need to speak with our team about this further before promising anything.

Typically, it's the voice that's evaluated first, then they check to make sure the quote is within the stated budget. After that, they review proposals given the audition and quote are on target.

One tip I heard recently was not to have a conversation in the audition file and to save personal greetings for the proposal. Just say your name and then read the copy. Nothing fancy :) This makes reviewing and sharing auditions with clients much easier. You may even try reading the copy without a slate.

I hope that my answer has been helpful! Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.

Best wishes,
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