any suggestions so more of my auditions are reviewed?

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What else can I do to get more of my auditions listened to?
I have followed the Do's and Don't's you suggested for all of my auditions.  Is there anything else I can do to help get more of my auditions listened to?  It is frustrating to work hard on an audition and then see the job close without having my audition listened to and considered.  Any other suggestions would be very welcome.  Thank you.
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Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is submit your audition early. The earlier your audition hits the client's inbox, the more likely they are to listen. Or, if the client is the type of person to wait until the job stops receiving auditions to listen to them, you may see that your auditions where your VoiceMatch score was particularly good are the ones that get listened to.

So really, sending in your auditions ASAP is the best way to get them listened to, since you can't really control your VoiceMatch score on some jobs.
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