I just updated my Languages on my profile. Why aren't the jobs listings updating to reflect the Language change?

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I initially setup my account to be "English" and was a bit disappointed at how few jobs showed up.  I just went to a friends house to get her set up and there were way more jobs listed for "English (North American)".  I just rushed home to change my Languages but the Hiring Jobs page is still empty for me.  Why isn't it updating to reflect my new "Language"?
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The best way to get more jobs is to list all the descriptions of your voice in your profile, your special skills, and especially your demo.  This will determine your "voicematch" in relation to the client's needs.  I don't think anything less than 80% voicematch will show up.  Try going over your profile to find ways you could fatten it up. :)  Also, Deborah Sale-Butler wrote an awesome post about getting more action from clients  http://blogs.voices.com/voxdaily/2013/10/fake_it_till_you_make_it.html  hope this helps!!!!
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Thanks for the feedback.  It's good feedback that I will definitely use, but doesn't really answer the question I had intended, which was more of a technical one about the Language field in your profile vs the Hiring Jobs list.  I spoke with Voices.com support today, so I'll add the answer they gave in case others run into the same issue.
RIght on!  I figured I'd help where I could.  I'm curious to see what they have to say as well :)
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Spoke with Support today.  I was assuming that the Hiring Jobs list was like an active database of all jobs, filtered to match the talent's current profile settings; which includes the Language field.  So when I changed my Language settings in my profile, I expected the active list of Hiring Jobs to update to all the jobs that matched my *new* Language settings. They didn't.

So a better way to look at the Hiring Jobs list is more like an Inbox.  When you set up your account, all existing jobs that match your profile settings will be pushed to your Hiring Jobs list (like your email Inbox), while you can essentially think of all unmatching jobs being lost.  If you change the setting in your profile, it will not add those lost jobs that didn't match earlier, but all new jobs that come in that match the changed profile settings will be sent correctly.

According to support, there is no way to get those lost jobs into your Hiring Jobs list after changing your profile settings.  Hope this helps others that might run into the same misunderstanding.
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