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So, I get that a "working" status means the project is moving forward - but is it likely to mean they are moving forward without me, or that they are still deciding?

 - Do I get dejected because I missed out, or excited that I could be hearing something soon.
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"Working" means that a talent has been chosen for the job, and they've accepted it. At that stage of the game, it's very unlikely that the client will backtrack and choose someone else instead.

If a job says "Finalizing", it means that the client picked someone, but the talent hasn't accepted the job yet, so there's still a possibility that the client may need to choose someone else if they don't answer in a timely manner.

Jobs that you still have a chance of landing are those that still read "Closed". These are jobs where a talent has not been picked yet.

When you do land a job, you'll know- Voices will e-mail you to alert you and you'll likely also get a message from the client with instructions. So, I'm sorry to say but it sounds like the job you have your eye on in this case isn't yours this time around.

But no need to get dejected! Just keep auditioning.
answered by mlenti (13,020 points)