I have no idea how to contact or send anyone a message, I'm new here?

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How do I compose a message to send to someone that I want to audition for??
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You don't send messages to those you want to audition for- rather, you simply go to your Jobs -> Hiring tab and send in your audition! (Note that you can only do this with an upgraded account.) There's a Proposal section in each audition that you can fill in with a quick message to the client. But you typically don't message the client directly.

If someone gets in contact with you first, it will show up in your Messages folder, and from there it's very easy to reply. But generally, as a talent, you won't be starting the conversations.

(I also noticed that you're offering work for free on your profile- generally, Voices asks that you quote at least $100 on any job that you audition for through here- so if you're looking to do free work to build up your resume, you may want to get in touch with local businesses/charities and offer to do their advertising/IVR for them instead, rather than dropping money on an upgraded Voices account right off the bat.)
answered by mlenti (13,020 points)