Suggestions on equalizing male voice to improve overall quality?

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Wondering specific things to EQ on male voice to improve overall quality. I don't know much about EQing, and would like to make sure I get the basics.
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In short, it depends on the equipment  you use... the environment in which you record... and whether you're applying the EQ with hardware or software.

fwiw... here's what I do.  I prefer to eq post production with software.
My booth is good size for one person but it's just a tad boxy... so after I record a track I use a three step process.

step one is to use a high pass filter or low shelf to get rid of some of the very lowest frequencies that the human ear doesn't hear much.

Second I do very light compression with a 1:2 ratio....  

Third, depending on which mic I'm using, I bump the mid to high  frequencies just a tad to put in a little air and sparkle.

But all of this I do if the client hasn't specified "raw" tracks only.

I try to keep the processing at a bare minimum... so for example you don't hear any pumping in the tracks which is caused by overcompressing.

You could probably read 100 answers to your question and many would take you in another direction.  Best thing is to read as much as you can about eq and compression and then experiment.  There are countless posts, blogs, articles... you tube vids about this topic.

Do your homework and I'm sure you find a technique that's right for you voice and equipment.  

Another golden rule is "less is more" when it comes to processing... and another is "cut narrow" (in other words if you're trying to get rid of a troublesome frequency notch it out with a narrow frequency band)   and "boost wide"  (when you want to add a quality to a track... set the frequency to a wider band)

Good luck  :-)
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