How do I change my order of demos?

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I'd like to change the order in which my demos appear on my profile. There's an edit button but it didn't open for me. I tried several times with no success.

Thank you very much,

Lina del Roble

P.S.  I just uploaded a new demo.
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1 Answer

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If you go to the Profile tab and then the Demos link in the drop-down menu, you should come to a page with all of your demos listed. There's an 'Edit Order' button which is usually grayed out, but if you have multiple demos you should be able to use it. Then I'm assuming you can drag-and-drop the demos into the order you want.

When you click on a demo's title on that page, it'll also bring you to an editing page. Here there's a check-box saying 'Featured Demo'. Check this box on the demo you want to appear on the front page of your Profile.
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