can i audition for a job that has a union listed?

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If I am not part of a union, can I audition for a job that has a union listed?
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Yes, you can do Union jobs if you are Non-Union. However, if you do two Union jobs you have to join the union afterwards, I believe.

And once you've joined a union, you cannot do Non-Union work from that point forward.
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You can always audition for union jobs.  You should make them aware of your status, however.  When an employer hires a union talent, they "station 12" them - meaning they check the status of their membership.  If you are the talent they want, they can "Taft-Hartley" you, meaning, they can hire you at union wages and your information will be taken by the Union.  You do not have to join at that time, but you will become a "must-join" on your next union job.  Once you are a member of the Union, you are not allowed to work on non-union work.  Joining the union is a big step and is necessary for certain types of work.  If you are mainly doing VO on the side and not in a position to expand your career, you may want to delay joining.
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