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What if you are asked to email an audition in addition to the one you already sent through the voices site directly to the client. I don't want to offend them but I don't really want to send an MP3 of the  script to them and have no way to track it. If they had some feedback or used Voices frequently I would think about it. But this is a first time poster. How can I word it so its not offensive to say Im nervous about sending a take and not being paid? Its a very short piece like 20-30 words I could do half but not sure if that gives them enough to hear.
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In these cases, you may need to watermark your audio. Basically, you put a beep or tone in the background of the audio track that makes it unsuitable for use, so the client can only use it to listen to, and needs to pay you for the unwatermarked track.

Just be sure you warn them that the track is watermarked so they expect to hear the beep!

Otherwise, your only other option is leaving out a sentence or intentionally saying the brand incorrectly as more subtle theft prevention practices, but these can backfire if they decide to just do without the omitted or mispronounced sentence. Ultimately it comes down to what you're most comfortable with.
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Typically I upload the revised audition mp3 to my demos page in my Profile. Then I send a link for that page to the client for them to hear. It allows them to hear it without "owning" it, plus it allows the client to listen to my other demos, hopefully making their decision an easy one. ;)
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