why do so many jobs remain closed

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Hi there.  Just wondering why so many jobs appear stagnant in taht they are not working, or completed?  They just remain closed, even if or if not, one's particular audition was listened to?  What happens here?
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The job might have been abandoned, cancelled, or is simply at a standstill on the other side of the 'glass', so to speak. There could be a disagreement over the script or the budget or the voice they want to use or their broadcast range- there's any number of things that could put a job on hold for a very long time.

That's why it's best to just audition and move on! You never know which jobs will stay still for a long time, and which ones will move very quickly.
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Hi Julie,

Since these posts are time stamped I have no clue how long it has been since you've asked this question. But, I would like to add to the other answer and provide some information I just learned today (3/17/14). When you audition for a job and you do not see movement do not delete that job unless it says Completed in the status. When you delete a job that you have auditioned for it removes your audition audio from the client dashboard so it's as if you never submitted your audition. I had a client contact me via Voices to say that they wanted to award me the job but, were unable to find my audition. Luckily they had my name somewhere on a list of candidates and reached out. Also, the reason I say wait until the status says Completed is because you never know if the talent they will work out and you may be the alternate and if you have deleted the audition because is was in 'Finalizing' or 'Working' status your audition will no longer be present in their dashboard. If you already knew this information then, I apologize for the rehash but, maybe it will be seen by others and help them.
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