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It seems like is really geared towards those with experience having more luck with regard to landing jobs.  I think it is obvious that this is a numbers game, but does a beginning talent have any real chance at landing jobs on this site?  Are there any stats on client inclinations with regard to what they are looking for in talent, if there are other factors other than the audition, such as experience?  Does encourage clients to give new talent a shot?

Voicematch is a great tool and certainly helps in choosing which auditions to do, but can it be safe to say that if you have little experience, no matter how high the voicematch percentage, it is trumped by a client's preference for more experience?

I know this is an age old question (how do you get experience if no one gives you a shot because you don't have experience?), just trying to do my best to at least have a meaningful membership on this site.
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Hey JA -

Many clients searching for voice talents don't do it manually - meaning they submit the job and let the computer hook them up with available/likely talent.  So nobody knows where you fall in terms of experience.  Please read the blog I wrote called "Fake It Until You Make It"  - under the "Help" tab in the upper right corner - go to blogs and scroll down.  It talks about how to build your profile to drive jobs to your box, how to use your templates and what to keep in mind while auditioning.  You'll be fine!
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Thank you so much for the response.  The blog is excellent...a much appreciated and needed read.
Could not locate the blog may be to far back - would love to read it myself - can you post a link perhaps?. thanks so much
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Just to answer you with some first-hand input- I was a total, 100% VO newbie when I signed up for this site. All I had under my belt was a handful of classes, a brand new demo reel, and a few books that I'd read on VO- plus all the equipment I'd bought to set up my pretty modest beginner's 'home studio'.

Within two weeks, I'd landed my first job, and now I have 40+ jobs that I've either completed or am currently working on, and it's been about 5 months since then? So, I would say that it's very possible for beginners to do well here.

I think that if you want to get the most out of your membership, persistence is key. Keep auditioning even if it feels like you're hitting a wall- being able to climb over that wall is when your stellar auditions will go out, and that's when you'll start getting hired.
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