Why would a job show as "closed" for months?

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If a job has been showing as "closed" for months and has not been reposted, does that mean I still may potentially be awarded the job?  Or is it more likely that the client also posted the job on other sites and chose the talent from another site?
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It's possible! Here are some reasons it may be 'closed' for a really long time:

1 - The client doesn't need the job done ASAP, and was simply scouting out their options and will come back later when they actually need the job done.

2 - Internal fighting about what direction to go in with the project. This could halt a talent being hired for a long time.

3 - Sudden budget loss. The client may suddenly find themselves without the money to proceed with hiring a VO, and has to wait.

4 - Simple indecision! The client may be caught between a few voices they really like.
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