How can I replace my audition with a different sample?

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I accidentally sent in the wrong mp3 but it wont let me go into my audition and correct it by deleting the previous one. It hasnt been listened to yet. For some reason though I cant replace it.
asked in Auditions by traviscohen (160 points)

1 Answer

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Select the answered job post in your answered list. Under your submitted mp3 there is an edit that and you can upload your new and improved version. Hope this helps? Good luck!
answered by jpsavala (170 points)
Hmm I try that and it still wont let me replace. I can upload it but the old one is there and the new one wont show up..I tried deleting the job altogether to try to get in that way by trying again and I cant do that.
If the client has listened to your audition then you are not able to change the sample demo.